À la Carte Classes

À la Carte Classes

Hone your cooking skills in the Gaggenau Demonstration Kitchen, featuring top-of-the-line appliances that will light your culinary fire. Our cooking and wine classes revolve around the exploration of Rhode Island’s agricultural bounty; seasonal produce, seafood, local meats and cheeses. Join the Food Forager in an interactive learning environment to master classic culinary techniques that can be easily replicated at home.

Explore the world of wine with Rhode Island wine tasting that samples our 8,000-bottle Wine Spectator award-winning collection, showcased in two spectacular library cellars. Selecting wines from the most important growing regions and hidden gems from around the world, the Wine Education Program offers a comprehensive hands-on experience that is both approachable and unpretentious for the casual wine drinker and the connoisseur alike.

Please note that prices below do not include additional taxes and gratuity.


Classical French Cooking Class

Explore the many regional cuisines of France with Chef Ryan Beaudoin by learning how to cook fresh seafood, prepare meats and poultry, and make sauces from scratch.


FreshPasta Fresh Pasta & Gnocchi

In this class, you will learn how to make fresh pasta dough, how to cut, and how to make fresh sauces to pair with different shapes of pasta & gnocchi.


 Daily Catch, Fresh & Local Seafood

In this class, you will learn how to make delicious dishes without the use of gluten-containing ingredients.


Cook Risotto and Polenta

In this class, you will learn how to make slowly cooked risotto, flavorful broths for making risotto, and various preparations of polenta.



wine4 Off the Beaten Track Red & White Wines of the World

For those tired of the same old same old, this seminar explores wines that are hidden gems on the Ocean House wine list. We will taste through these rare red and whites and discus their geography, history, grape varieties and regions. $75/person (plus tax)

Wine 101

For the blossoming wine enthusiast, this class will discuss the basics of wine; topic of discussion will include how wine is made, noble grape varietals, how to taste wine and how to order in a restaurant setting. You’ll leave with feeling confident and able to impress your friends!. $80/person (plus tax)

Food & Wine Pairing Like a Pro

Are you unsure how to order the right wine to complement your meal? Learn to pair food and wine as we discuss how certain foods and wines interact with each other. Taste through a selection of pairings with our Sommelier to determine the key factors and techniques for creating a match, the flavor and textural elements to pay attention to and the “rules of thumb” that apply to modern cuisine.

$150/person (plus tax)

Sparkling Wine

Whether you’re celebrating a momentous occasion or just another day in the life, a bit of bubbly is sure to make it special! In this seminar, explore the intriguing world of sparkling wines. We will discuss grape varieties, production methods and history and taste a variety of sparkling wines from around the world.

$150/person (plus tax)


Vintage Flight Tasting

“Is it a good year?” For this Rhode Island wine tasting our Sommelier selects four wines that represent different years, or vintages, of the same wine. We will discuss why one year is thought to be better than another, and how each vintage compares.

$200/person (plus tax)


Evaluating Wine, Blind Tasting

No blindfolds are required for this blind tasting! Train your palate by matching specific flavors often found in wines with the wines themselves. Learn precise flavor profiles associated with classic varietals and how to critically evaluate wines the way professionals do. Our Sommelier will guide you through each wine as you analyze visual, flavor and structural elements to assess its quality and typicity like a pro!

$200/person (plus tax)


À la carte classes are offered daily at
12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., and are based on availability.


Food Forager classes include a Center For Wine & Culinary Arts thank you gift. All wine tastings include a local cheese plate. Wines are selected by Sommelier by availability. Wine classes can accommodate a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 guests. Classes for 1 to 3 people may be arranged—please inquire directly with Wine Director.


Please contact Destination Services at 401.584.7000 for reservations. Please allow 72-hours notice for wine classes and one week’s notice for culinary class requests.

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