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From sophisticated, Five-Star fine dining to casual beach fare and bespoke private dining experiences, Ocean House offers a variety of restaurants that elevate traditional New England flavors into something entirely new.

A chef holding a dish at COAST restaurant.

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Fresh local ingredients, world-class service and a farm-to-table philosophy harmonize to create a culinary experience unlike any other.

Meet our Wine & Culinary Experts

A team of wine and culinary professionals welcomes guests to experience a unique selection of intimate epicurean events, tastings and immersive educational opportunities that invite active participation in the farm-to-table process.

COAST restaurant: one of the best waterfront eateries in the world. It offers the quintessential New England experience: the freshest flavors of the Rhode Island coast and vast, unobstructed vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Ocean House, a sprawling seaside resort brimming with historic East Coast charm. This storied property has a lot to offer—a private beach, a world-class spa and an extensive art collection. However, what really stands out this season are the on-site cuisine, wine and mixology.


A hidden gem in Rhode Island. Ocean House ….serves guests as well as the community. Nothing is more relaxing than watching the sunset over the ocean while sipping champagne on the hotel verandah.

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