Cooking and Wine Classes

Cooking and Wine Classes

Hone your cooking skills in the Ocean House Center for Wine & Culinary Arts, featuring top-of-the-line appliances that will light your culinary fire. Our cooking and wine classes revolve around the exploration of Rhode Island’s agricultural bounty; seasonal produce, seafood, local meats and cheeses. Join the Food Forager in an interactive learning environment to master classic culinary techniques that can be easily replicated at home.

Explore the world of wine with Rhode Island wine tasting that samples our 8,000-bottle Wine Spectator award-winning collection, showcased in two spectacular library cellars. Selecting wines from the most important growing regions and hidden gems from around the world, the Wine Education Program offers a comprehensive hands-on experience that is both approachable and unpretentious for the casual wine drinker and the connoisseur alike.


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Culinary Classes


Family Cooking: 60-minute classes; $55 per person

Hearty Soups

  • Using a great stock, vegetables, or other ingredients, create a soup you’ve been dying to learn the recipe for. In this class, you choose the soup and our food forager will guide you to learn the perfect techniques, giving you a  heartwarming soup in under an hour.

Focaccia ‘Bout It

  • This delicious Italian flatbread will be a staple of your dinner table after you learn how simple it is to do well! This bread begs for toppings-so learn the basics and then get creative!

Introduction to Knife Skills and Maintenance

  • Safety first! Get in the kitchen with an experienced professional who will help you through how to hold a knife, how to perfect some classic cutting techniques, and how to keep your cutlery razor-sharp.

Brownies from Scratch

  • Betty who? Elevate your family bake night by learning how easy it is to make gooey, chocolatey brownies at home from scratch.

Turnip the Beet

  • Learn the techniques of preparing fall’s abundance of root vegetables. Get ready to rock the holidays with new and exciting recipes the whole family will love.

Mac and Cheese

  • Skip the Kraft and learn how to make your own Mac and cheese from scratch! Discuss the perfect noodles for the dish, along with the classic French sauce Mornay. Taste the cheeses that make the sauce complete, and enjoy this creamy comfort food for all.

Brunch Benedicts

  • Be ready to entertain with a brunch favorite. Learn the classic recipe and history of Hollandaise, a French classic.  Practice poaching the perfect eggs, and enjoy a benedict that will impress all of your brunch guests.
Hobby Cooking: 90-minute classes; $110/person

Sourdough Pizza

  • This class gives you the chance to stretch out your own pizza dough, add seasonally appropriate toppings, and bake your pizza to leopard-crusted perfection. You will learn the basics of sourdough and how to cultivate a starter as well as the essential techniques of some of the best pizza in the world.

Date Night Crash Course: Seasonal Risotto

  • Impress your significant other by learning how to artfully prepare an intimate date-night dinner at home by learning the magic of risotto. We will cover perfect technique and variations on flavor based on local ingredients that are guaranteed to entitle you to some serious brownie points.

Farm to Table 101

  • Join our Food Forager as she teaches the basics of sourcing food locally and seasonally. You will be given a market basket of the freshest local produce available and will create simple, vegetable-forward dishes that will have you aching to go to the Farmer’s Market as soon as you leave our demo kitchen.

Building Magnificent Cheeses Plates

  • Love to entertain, but want to raise the stakes? Work with our Food Forager to master the art of a perfect cheese display, create classic and new age accouterment for all of our favorite types of cheese.

Native Seafood

  • Fishing is in Rhode Island is a $100,000,000 industry-one of the backbones of Rhode Island’s economy and our daily life. Discover what we pull from these waters, how we do it sustainably, and some favorite ways to prepare it

Gluten-Free Baking

  • Learn the ins and outs of avoiding wheat with approachable cooking set to please. Practice with alternative flour blends, bake gluten-free bread, and more.

Utilizing Fresh Herbs

  • Meet with our food forager and pick fresh herbs from the garden. Practice new ways to utilize the bounty of fresh herbs, with techniques to preserve and make them last long after summer’s end.

Thai Coconut Curry

  • Taste different types of curry paste and learn the traditional Thai techniques of a perfect curry.

The Ins and Outs: Fresh Filled Pasta

  • Participants gain the opportunity to create a fresh dough specifically for making ravioli, agnolotti, or tortellini. We will make a seasonal filling and coach you through how to combine the filling with the pasta to make a masterpiece. We will prepare your pasta with an appropriate sauce, and discuss variations on the recipes we used that you can use at home.

Basque Cheesecake

  • New York Style Cheesecake’s completion, this cheesecake is baked at high heat for a cracked, caramelized top layer. Bake your own cheesecake with a crunchy cookie crust and creamy, custard center.

Mexican Street Fare

  • Tired of Ortega? Dress them up with a few techniques to authenticate your tacos. Learn about the classic street fare of Mexico, taste ingredients from the country, and create your own Mexican feast with our food forager.

The Perfect Roasted Chicken

  • Let’s talk about the perfect roast chicken; whether you’re preparing for the holidays, or love the idea of a fail-proof technique, work with the food forager to learn all the proper preparations to roast a delicious chicken. In this class, we will focus on brining, basting, and butchering a chicken.
Tastings: 60-minute topical overviews with our Director of Culinary Education; $75/person

Oyster Tasting

  • New England farmers are cultivating the same species of oyster, but its flavor and delicate qualities are completely determined by the environment in which it grows. Taste through the differences in ‘merroir’ and try modern takes on mignonette.

Caviar Tasting

  • Have a taste for caviar? Join our food forager for an introduction to different grades of caviar, its origins, and the best ways to serve it. ($375/person plus taxes and gratuity)

New England Cheeses

  • Taste local cheeses from all over New England and discover how they are made, where they come from, and the importance and history of local dairy culture.

Spirits and Cocktail Classes


Wine Seminars

30 Minute Wines

  • Got some time to kill? Why not enjoy a 30 minute wine tasting of on the day’s particular topic with our Sommelier? This brief wine seminar will cover two wines and cover the region where with wines are from, the history and dynamic of the winery, how the particular wine is made and a description of the wine itself. This class does not include a cheese plate. $60/person

Wine 101

  • This one hour seminar is for the blossoming wine enthusiast, this class will discuss the basics of wine; topic of discussion will include how wine is made, noble grape varietals, how to taste wine and how to order in a restaurant setting. You’ll leave with feeling confident and able to impress your friends! This class does not include a cheese plate. $80/person


  • Experience the most enjoyed and breakthrough style of wine of our time. Learn about how Rosé is made and taste style from around the world; ranging from sparkling, dry and sweet styles. $80/person

Local Wines

  • Learn about the unique growing region of New England. Taste how international and local grape varietals express themselves in the cool climate and rich soils of the region. $85/person.

Off the Beaten Track Red & White Wines of the World

  • For those tired of the same old same old, this seminar explores wines that are hidden gems on the Ocean House wine list. We will taste through these undiscovered wines and discuss their geography, history, grape varieties and regions. $95/person

Spirits 101

  • In this class we will discuss the differences in production, flavor characteristics and history of a variety of the spirits from around the world from the Ocean House’s selection. The class also includes a demonstration on how to make one of the Ocean House Signature Seasonal Cocktails. $95/person


  • In this class we will discuss the differences in production, flavor characteristics and history of a variety of the best single malt scotches from the Ocean House’s selection. $100/person

Food & Wine Pairing Like a Pro

  • Are you unsure how to order the right wine to complement your meal? Learn to pair food and wine as we discuss how certain foods and wines interact with each other. Taste through a selection of pairings with our Sommelier to determine the key factors and techniques for creating a match, the flavor and textural elements to pay attention to and the “rules of thumb” that apply to modern cuisine. $200/person

Cigar & Whiskey Seminar

  • (One Week Lead Time for Class) In this class, we will discuss the many distinct parts of the cigar, find tips on lighting and cutting, proper cigar storage techniques and discuss the world’s top growing regions. These lessons are the perfect introduction to cigar smoking for beginners – and a nice refresher for aficionados. In addition, we will taste and discuss five whiskeys from around the world. $250/person. Must be booked one week prior to class.

Sparkling Wine

  • Whether you’re celebrating a momentous occasion or just another day in life, a bit of bubbly is sure to make it special! In this seminar, explore the intriguing world of sparkling wines. We will discuss grape varieties, production methods and history and taste a variety of sparkling wines from around the world. $150/person

Evaluating Wine, Blind Tasting

  • No blindfolds are required for this blind tasting! Train your palate by matching specific flavors often found in wines with the wines themselves. Learn precise flavor profiles associated with classic varietals and how to critically evaluate wines the way professionals do. Our Sommelier will guide you through on how to analyze visual, flavor and structural elements to assess the quality and typicity of each wine like a pro! $200/person

A Study of Champagne, Tête de Cuvees

  • In this class we will review the history of Champagne and how it is made, gain a more in-depth knowledge of each region within Champagne and taste five of the best champagne, Tête de Cuvees available. Examples of wines available are Louis Roederer, ”Cristal”, Veuve Clicquot, “La Grande Dame”, Moet and Chandon, “Dom Perignon”, Armand de Brignac, “Ace of Spades”, Bollinger “La Grande Anne” and the like. Wines based on availability. $400/per person; minimum 4 guests.

Burgundy-Grand Cru Tasting

  • In this class we will review the uniqueness of Burgundies Grand Cru Vineyards. We will taste the very best that Burgundy has to offer. Learn what makes these Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines iconic and revered. Wines based on availability, starts at $500/per person

Simply The Best

  • Taste through the best that the Ocean House Wine Cellar has to offer! The Ocean House Sommelier will choose a selection of the house’s top wines from the most renowned wineries and wine regions in the world. Experience why these wines are sought after and how they compare with each other. $500/per person

Is It Worth It?

  • Ever think that you couldn’t tell the difference between an expensive wine and an inexpensive wine?  In this class we will take a deep dive into why some wines cost more than others and challenge your palate to blind taste these wines side by side to see if you can tell the difference between them. $150/per person

January through March classes are offered:

  • Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.
  • Thursday through Saturday at 12:30 and 5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday at 12:30 p.m.

April through December classes are offered at 12:30 and 5:30 p.m. seven days a week.

Cooking classes and wine classes range from 1 hour to 90 minutes. Cooking classes range between $55 to $110 per person; wine classes range from $60 to $500 per person (plus tax and gratuity).


Food Forager classes include a Center For Wine & Culinary Arts thank you gift. All wine tastings include a local cheese plate. Wines are selected by Sommelier by availability. Wine classes can accommodate a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 guests. Classes for 1 to 3 people may be arranged—please inquire directly with Wine Director.

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