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Hone your cooking skills in the Ocean House Center for Wine & Culinary Arts, featuring top-of-the-line appliances that will light your culinary fire. Our cooking and wine classes revolve around the exploration of Rhode Island’s agricultural bounty; seasonal produce, seafood, local meats and cheeses. Join one of our chefs in an interactive learning environment to master classic culinary techniques that can be easily replicated at home.

Explore the world of wine with Rhode Island wine tasting that samples our 8,000-bottle Wine Spectator award-winning collection, showcased in two spectacular library cellars. Selecting wines from the most important growing regions and hidden gems from around the world, the Wine Education Program offers a comprehensive hands-on experience that is both approachable and unpretentious for the casual wine drinker and the connoisseur alike.


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Availability & Pricing

Class Availability

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Pricing & Details

Cooking and wine classes are 90 minutes each and start at $500 for up to four guests.

Culinary Classes – Topics & Pricing

From The Sea

Oyster Tasting

Enjoy tasting a variety of East Coast oysters and gain an understanding of how local waters and other factors have an impact on flavors. Guests also will learn how to shuck an oyster and make traditional accompaniments. $500 for up to four guests; $100 for each additional guest.

Clams & Mussels

Clams and mussels are local culinary treasures from our coastal waters, and this class provides guests an opportunity to learn how to prepare two favorite seasonal dishes. $500 for up to four guests; $100 for each additional guest.

Fluke & Black Bass

Black Bass and Fluke, otherwise known as Summer Flounder are excellent fish for eating. Learn how to prepare two seasonal dishes to get the most of these wonderful fish and flavors from our local waters. $500 for up to four guests; $100 for each additional guest.


Lobster is a special culinary treat year round.  Our expert chefs teach guests about this wonderful food from our local waters and how to prepare two delicious dishes.  $800 for up to four guests; $160 each additional guest.


Caviar is a luxurious delicacy with a variety of flavors and styles. Enjoy a tasting of at least six outstanding caviars, presented in traditional to contemporary styles.  $3,000 for up to four guests; $600 for each additional guest.

From The Land

Farm to Table 101

Experience an enjoyable and thoughtful class about how to use wonderful local ingredients and transform them into a delicious lunch or dinner.  Our Chef will guide guests through product selection to plating as you create a memorable, seasonal menu. $500 for up to 4 guests; $100 for each additional guest.

Wagyu Beef

For the most discerning meat lovers, Wagyu beef is the pinnacle of steak!  In this class, guests learn about the different styles available and preparation tips, as well as the ability to create two dishes using both domestic and Japanese A5 Wagyu.  $2,000 for up to 4 guests; $400 for each additional guest.

What the Duck

Duck is one of the most versatile and delicious kinds of poultry available. Learn how to make the tastiest duck based items, including confit, pan roasted breast and sear foie gras. $800 for up to four guests; $160 for each additional guest

Head to Tail Cooking

Explore the art of head to tail cooking while learning how to prepare offal, including kidneys, livers and sweetbreads, to make magnificent dishes with these often-discarded delicacies. $500 for up to four guests; $100 for each additional guest.

The Ins and Outs of Fresh Filled Pasta

Guests learn how to create a fresh dough for ravioli and tortellini, as well as make seasonal fillings and sauces, combined for a delicious experience.  $500 for up to four guests; $100 for each additional guest.

Delicious Desserts

Delicious Desserts

Guests of all ages will enjoy time with our experienced pastry chef to learn a skill of choice including the making of cakes, cookies, soufflés, puddings, specialty breads or seasonal treats. The featured topic can be customized for all ages. Classes begin at $500 for up to four guests; $100 for each additional guest.

Wine, Spirit & Cocktail Classes

Wonderful Wines

Wine 101

This one-hour seminar is for the blossoming wine enthusiast. Guests will learn the basics of wine in a fun and entertaining way. Topics of discussion include how wine is made, noble grape varietals, how to properly taste wine, how to order wine in a restaurant setting and how to manage a home cellar. Guests will leave with feeling confident about their wine knowledge. $95 per guest.

Off the Beaten Track Wines of the World

This special seminar explores red and white wines that are hidden gems on the Ocean House wine list. Guests will taste undiscovered wines and discuss their geography, history, grape varieties and regions. $150 per guest.


Experience the most enjoyed and breakthrough styles of wine of our time. Learn about how Rosé is made, and taste styles from around the world; ranging from sparkling, dry and sweet styles. $150 per guest.

Food & Wine Pairing Like a Pro

Explore the art of how certain foods and their ingredients interact with wines. Guests learn about pairings with Ocean House’s Sommelier to determine the key factors and techniques for creating a match, the flavor and textural elements to pay attention to and the “rules of thumb” that apply to ingredients in modern cuisine. $250 per guest.

Sparkling Wines

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just another day in the life, a bit of bubbly can make it memorable. Guests in this seminar explore the intriguing world of sparkling wines including grape varieties, production methods, history and tastes from sparkling wines from around the world. $175 per guest.

Old World Vs. New World

Taste classic examples of grape varieties from the world. Learn how they compare and contrast because of their unique terroirs and production styles. $150 per guest.

Local Wines

Guests will taste and learn about the unique growing region of New England, and how local grape varietals are expressed in the cooler climate and rich soils of the region. $95 per guest.

Evaluating Wine, Blind Tasting

No blindfolds are required for this blind tasting. Guests train their palates by matching specific flavors often found in wines with the wines themselves. Learn precise flavor profiles associated with classic varietals and how to critically evaluate wines the way professionals do. Ocean House’s Sommelier will guide the class through on how to analyze visual, flavor and structural elements to assess the quality and typicity of each wine. $200 per guest.

Special Spirits & Cocktails

Single Malt Scotch

In this class guests learn the differences in production, flavor characteristics and history of a variety of the best single malt scotches from the Ocean House’s selection. $150 per guest.

Bourbon Tasting

Bourbon whiskeys have a variety of flavors, and this session will cover the differences in production, characteristics and history of some of the best Bourbon Whiskeys in Ocean House’s collection. $150 per guest.

Spirits 101

Guests will discuss the differences in production, flavor characteristics and history of a variety of the spirits from around the world. The class also includes a demonstration on how to make one of the Ocean House’s Signature Seasonal Cocktails. $125 per guest.

Cocktail or Sangria Competition

Learn how to make the perfect cocktail or Sangria, then challenge your friends, family or colleagues to make it better. In this two-hour, fun and interactive class, guests learn how to make cocktails or Sangria like the pros, how to set up a home bar and challenge others to create the best drink. The Ocean House bar and Sommelier team will judge your drinks and rate them on best flavor balance, most aesthetic and best name. The winner will receive bragging rights for the rest of time. $300 per guest. Minimum of four guests per class.

Enhanced Education & Tasting

A Study of Champagne, Tête de Cuvees

Guests will review the history of Champagne and how it is made, gain a more in-depth knowledge of each region within Champagne and taste five of the best Tête de Cuvees available. Examples of wines available are Louis Roederer,” Cristal,” Veuve Clicquot, “La Grande Dame,” Moet et Chandon, “Dom Perignon,” Armand de Brignac, “Ace of Spades,” Bollinger, “La Grande Anne” and others (wines based on availability).  $800 per guest.

Burgundy-Grand Cru Tasting

Guests will explore and taste the uniqueness of Burgundy’s Grand Cru Vineyards in this special session. The group will taste the very best that Burgundy has to offer. Guests will also have an opportunity to learn what makes these Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines iconic and revered (wines based on availability). $1,000 per guest.

Bordeaux-1855 Classification Tasting

In this seminar, guests will review and discuss the Bordeaux Classification of 1855.  Participants will taste wines from the five growths of Bordeaux and learn what makes these wines some of the most sought after in the world (wines based on availability). $1,200 per guest.

Vertical Wine Tasting

This tasting will focus on a multi-vintage tasting of one of the Ocean House’s curated wines. Guests will compare and contrast wines and discuss the complexities of the unique growing conditions of each vintage. Once this class is reserved, the Ocean House Sommelier will assist in curating this special tasting (wines based on availability).  $1,000 per guest.

Ocean House, a sprawling seaside resort brimming with historic East Coast charm. This storied property has a lot to offer—a private beach, a world-class spa and an extensive art collection. However, what really stands out this season are the on-site cuisine, wine and mixology.