Surf & Paddle

Surf & Paddle

At Ocean House, the Atlantic is right outside our doors, providing endless opportunities for fun with activities like swimming and fishing and—for those who are up for the challenge—surfing and stand up paddle.

Paddle Surf OH, owned and operated by husband and wife team Brian and Lisa Kodzis, offers Ocean House guests and members exclusive surfing and stand up paddle lessons right on the Ocean House beach. Learn fundamentals of the sports, safety and ocean knowledge; guests will receive a well-rounded lesson while having fun. For experienced guests, Paddle Surf OH has a variety of surfboards, body boards and stand-up paddle boards for rent while at the beach.


Stand Up Paddleboard Rental
Includes a stand–up paddleboard and paddle appropriate for your size and ability, and a safety leash.

1hr $60.00
½ hr $38.00

Surfboard Rental
Includes a soft-top surfboard appropriate for your size and ability and a leash if necessary.

1hr $48.00
½ hr $27.00

Body Board Rental
Includes a high-performance body board with a wrist leash.

1hr $10
4hr $40

For more information about squash, rentals and regulations, please contact the OH! Spa at 401.584.7070.


Surf Lesson
Includes surfboard rental and a short on-land lesson to cover surfing basics and water safety. Individualized instruction is emphasized catering to the absolute beginner through advanced clients. All ages welcome.

1hr lesson $140.00
½ hr lesson $70.00

Stand Up Paddle Lesson

Includes board and paddle rental, a short on-land lesson to cover Stand Up Paddle basics and safety, and individualized instruction while cruising on flat water or calm ocean conditions great for the beginner. Stand Up Paddle Surf Lesson includes introduction to surf etiquette, small-wave surfing, quick turns, whitewater negotiation and possibly a few tricks.

1hr lesson $140.00
½ hr lesson $70.00


• Memorial Day Weekend through the end of September
• Every Friday through Sunday in June and September
• Daily from July through August

For reservations, please contact your Guest Relations Manager.


11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Early morning and evening sessions available upon request)

About Instructors

Brian has been surfing the local waves his entire life and his love for surfing has taken him all over the globe.

Lisa is an accomplished yogi and certified Dharma Yoga instructor, as well as an expert in stand up paddling.

The couple spend their winters in Hawaii, where they first fell in love with stand-up paddling and conceived the idea of Paddle Surf OH.