Resort Activities

Resort Activities

Each day at Ocean House we offer a variety of activities that allow our guests to have the perfect relaxation vacation. Our bounty of activities makes Ocean House a luxurious place to visit in Rhode Island. Guests can experience the incredible amenities and facilities on our property, as well as sights and attractions throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut.

In addition to tours of the resort and surrounding Rhode Island, as well as daily afternoon refreshments, things to do include culinary education through our Wine & Culinary Arts program, croquet clinics, art classes, cultural events, fitness classes and much more. Classes change monthly, so there will always be new experiences and Rhode Island resort activities!

We now feature hand-crafted Stave Puzzles for guests to enjoy in our Living Room. Puzzles are cut from cherry-backed, five-layered wood and incorporate a multitude of trick features, such as split corners and irregular edges. To learn more about these fascinating puzzles, visit the website www.stavepuzzles.com, or see our guests try them out first-hand in the Living Room.

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