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Virtual Wine Classes

Join Us for Virtual Wine Classes

Enjoy one-on-one learning with Jonathan Feiler, Group Director of Wine for the Ocean House Management Collection.

We’re pleased to be able to offer this unique opportunity to spend an hour learning and conversing with Jonathan, from the comfort of your home. Under his direction, the Ocean House wine collection includes selections from the most important growing regions and hidden gems from around the world, allowing Ocean House to offer a comprehensive wine experience that is both approachable and unpretentious for the casual wine drinker and the connoisseur alike.

Informative but lighthearted, these classes are a fun way to grow your knowledge and a fresh way to spend time enjoying wine at home.

Classes range in price from $35 to $75 and last for one hour–with the exception of 30 Minute Wine–hosted via the Zoom online platform. After booking you’ll receive an email from Jonathan to consult with you on your class topic and learn about what wines you might have on hand or what you should purchase prior to the class.  Please book at least 24 hours before your class time.


Virtual Wine Classes are bookable upon request.

For more information or to book a virtual wine class,
please email Jonathan Feiler, Group Wine Director.

Class Offerings

30 Minute Wines

  • This brief wine seminar will cover two wines and cover the region where with wines are from, the history and dynamic of the winery, how the particular wine is made and a description of the wine itself. $35

Wine 101

  • This one hour seminar is for the blossoming wine enthusiast, this class will discuss the basics of wine; topic of discussion will include how wine is made, noble grape varietals, how to taste wine and how to order in a restaurant setting. You’ll leave with feeling confident and able to impress your friends! $50


  • Experience the most enjoyed and breakthrough style of wine of our time. Learn about how Rosé is made and taste style from around the world; ranging from sparkling, dry and sweet styles. $50

Food & Wine Pairing Like a Pro

  • Learn to pair food and wine with your meal tonight as we discuss how certain foods and wines interact with each other. Taste through a selection of pairings with our Sommelier to determine the key factors and techniques for creating a match, the flavor and textural elements to pay attention to and the “rules of thumb” that apply to modern cuisine. $60

Old World Vs. New World

  • Taste through classic examples of grape varieties from the world. Learn how they compare and contrast because of their unique Terroirs and production styles. $50

Evaluating Wine, Blind Tasting

  • No blindfolds are required for this blind tasting! Train your palate by matching specific flavors often found in wines with the wines themselves. Learn precise flavor profiles associated with classic varietals and how to critically evaluate wines the way professionals do. Our Sommelier will guide you through on how to analyze visual, flavor and structural elements to assess the quality and typicity of each wine like a pro! $75

Spirits 101

  • In this class we will discuss the differences in production, flavor characteristics and history of a variety of the spirits from around the world from the Ocean House’s selection. The class also includes a demonstration on how to make one of the Ocean House Signature Seasonal Cocktails. $50


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